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Your love is the brightest star in the sky. Helping you celebrate the life of your loved one with memorial celebration of life fireworks displays



Celebration of Life Fireworks is here to make your loved one’s memories, as bright and as joyful, as they were in life. 

We provide memorial firework displays creating a unique way to scatter your loved ones ashes.


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About us

We have been helping people to celebrate the life of cherished family members, friends and loved ones with firework themed memorials for many years.

From grand Pyro-musical Fireworks Displays featuring your loved ones favourite music, or just simple firework dedications. There are many creative and touching ways to say farewell with a firework memorial display.


Available to all creeds and cultures. Our dedicated team at Celebration of Life Fireworks are happy to talk and discuss how you would like your memorial fireworks tribute to be. 

What Is a Celebration of Life Display?

A Celebration of Life display, is a fireworks display, where friends and family ,can come together, to celebrate the life and achievements of a departed loved one with a memorial firework display

We have many people in our life who make our days brighter. we are thankful for them all and we are grateful for every precious day they were with us.

Many people live their best life and want to be remembered in joy and happiness, not in tears and sadness.

Celebration of life Firework displays were created with this in mind providing memorial gifts and tributes to honour your dear departed family and friends.

A firework finale, that will show how much they meant to us and help keep their memory alive in your heart forever.

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