Can we put funeral cremation ashes into fireworks?

The answer is ‘Yes, you can’


We will incorporate your loved ones cremation ashes into our specially adapted fireworks shells, these will be launched during the finale of your Celebration of Life Fireworks display

Frequently asked questions

What about music

If you are are opting for one of our feature displays with music, then you will  have a very a wonderful time relieving favourite pieces of music. Our advise is try to pick something with high moments and low moments so our fireworks can tell a story. 

Once you are happy with the music you would like to use then please  provide these  to us as soon as possible. We will then edit them to the duration of your chosen display. 

We hope you are happy with your musical mix, but if you would like some modifications or  changes then we can sort these for you. 

We will remix the entire track for you  twice for no extra charge, but subsequent alterations and re-mixes may be subject to extra cost.

Please note once you have ‘okayed’ your final mix , no alterations can be made. 


Can we light the fireworks?

These fireworks are launched electronically. So we can arrange for you to press the button to start the Celebration of Life tribute display. Or to launch the firework shells containing your loved ones ashes. 


Can we do a midnight tribute?

All fireworks must be set off before 11pm by UK law except on New Years Eve and November 5th


What happens to any remaining ash?

Any remaining ashes will be returned to the client in it’s original container,  on the night, after the fireworks display has concluded 

When will we pay?

A non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking with us.

We encourage registering your display with us so that friends and relatives can help out with costs. Please enquire with us 

The balance of the booking for your Celebration of Life Fireworks display will be invoiced after the event and must be settled within 30 days. 


Can we upgrade our display?

‘Yes, of course you can upgrade your Celebration of Life Firework display. But as these fireworks displays are pre programmed, once you have ‘signed off’ your final instructions for your chosen display package we are afraid no further alteration can take place.

How do you receive our loved ones ashes?

We will invite you to deliver your ashes to us by courier in a secure container. Please pack them well and double bag the container. Make sure the loved ones name appears on the container as well as your name address and booking confirmation number.  Box the bagged container up with plenty of packing material and send them to us via courier. Opt for a service that requires a signature on delivery. 

If you are close to us or would prefer delivering the ashes in person then we can receive them at our head office. But please contact us to arrange this as this need to be made by prior agreement.


Do you do D.I.Y rockets?

We regret that DIY options are not available for ashes scattering, but a range of self-fire effects are available for smaller DIY tribute displays. Please contact us.


Do we need t0 provide music for our musical display?

If the music is widely available, then the answer is ‘No’ we should be able to supply the tracks for your display. Just please send us an email with the chosen tracks.

If your music is a little more obscure then please do provide your tracks to us. We recommend Yousendit or Mailbigfile. We prefer WAV files but we can accept MP3.


Can we change our music last minute?

‘No’ We are sorry, but as the firework display is electronically programmed and designed in advance, no alterations are permitted after the display is finalised with you. 


Do we need to provide a sound system?

Yes you will need to provide a sound system for a Pyromusical or Musical display. 

We can hire out a sound system and operator for the display. Please contact us for availability and cost?


What if we want to cancel or postpone?

 Should an ashes scattering display be cancelled by the client, the ashes will be returned to the client. If work has commenced on preparing the ashes shells then there may be a surcharge.

Don’t worry if you need to postpone and change your display date. We totally understand that circumstances can change. We will hold your ashes shells in a secure location until a time you can go ahead with your tribute. A small storage charge may apply.

If you cancel your  Celebration of Life Fireworks display  containing ashes then there will be repatriation charge to extract the ashes from the shells and deliver them back to you. You can postpone but a storage surcharge will apply to your final invoice. All deposits are non refundable should the client cancel. 

Full terms and conditions upon application.

Further Information

Covid 19

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As such all communications will be online or via telephone. 

Social distancing will be complied with at all times. We request that you respect the safety of our staff and observe Government social distancing guidelines.

We don’t accept any liability over our clients social distancing behaviour, so hold our clients responsible for their own safety. 


We are committed to protecting your data and security and our website complies with all current regulations. 

We will only contact you during our contract with you and request a satisfaction review with Trustpilot or similar 

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Who are we?

Our company forms part of Jubilee Fireworks Ltd

Jubilee Fireworks are a multi award winning company and have performed displays worldwide.

Based in the West Midlands with over 30 years experience.

They are British Pyrotechnic Association accredited and fully insured. 

Customer Support

We are here for you. 

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